Wednesday, January 28, 2004


Please SNOW!
I don't wanna go to school... Does anyone know a good incantation for snow?

** Update 10:30am ** "UNIVERSITY STATUS: NORMAL
The University is OPEN today, Tuesday, January 27. Classes will begin at 10 a.m."

Nuts! How unfair. I know teachers who have Tuesday off so they get Monday AND Tuesday... Grrrr... I have to get my frustrations out. Maybe, I'll give my students a pop qu... oops, hope none of them are reading this... Dwahahahah!

** Update 5:30pm **

The gods have heard my prayer! Tonight's class has been cancelled!

** Update 9:48pm **
Okay, I didn't mean to sound so excited about not teaching class. As one student told me, "You should want to impart knowledge to the students." Which is true, but one of the main reasons for becoming a teacher is to be able to maintain the academic seasons I have enjoyed for much of my life. While the rest of the world lives from spring to summer to fall to winter, I live--with my students--from one vacation to the next. I look forward to Thanksgiving and Winter break and Spring break and of course the biggie, Summer Vaction. I savor the excitement of approaching breaks, I dread the pain of finals--for different reasons of course. And a sudden unexpected Snow day? My, is this not a treat? I wanna enjoy this with my students.

By the way, Bane_Vixen called me a loser. Me! A LOSER, cuz I was going to give a pop quiz to my students in response to having to go to school, as mentioned above. Well, truth be told, I was going to give them one anyway, and I was just having some fun. And my students know that I would never be mean to them. Strict, maybe. But not mean... well maybe just a little... hahahahahahah, so I guess that makes me a LOSER. Oh well, I'm sure (hope?) that Vixen was just kidding, BUT if any of my students read this and agree with her (or disagree), click on her name and tell her so. PLEASE!

So am I a pain in your ass? Hahahahaha. Whatever!

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