Tuesday, January 27, 2004


Will update later...

Yes, I really hate shoveling, and thought about going to school. But nooooooooo, our school has to cancel classes on a day I don't have any classes... Crap. So instead, I took pics as Musubi-chan and Unagi-kun cleared out the walkway... Okay, okay, before you bombard me with nasty remarks, I too did some shoveling, like the sidewalk and the parking spaces... I'm right-handed but for some reason I shovel snow like a lefty. That is, I hold the shovel like a left-handed batter, left hand above the right.

SNOW: Update
After shoveling, I made a light lunch. Using some of the sukiyaki leftover from last night--sukiyaki with o-sake on a cold night is kinda perfect, y'know--I made a mix between an omlette and tamago-toji--Japanese steamed eggs, but not quite a pudding. Then, we went to a nearby park and did some sliding down the small slopes on our round plastic sleds. All the neighborhood kids were there having a good time, as did we. It was, admittedly, difficult for me at first.

The pic above right is the wifey, Musubi-chan. She truly enjoys exercise--she was an aerobics instructor in Japan. So when we go out like this, she has a lot of fun as her smile will attest. Me? I'm the epitome of a couch potato. Not that I hate exercise, mind you, but if given the choice between a 3 mile jog and a 3 hour movie with popcorn and drinks, I'll take the movie (or football game or whatever). Just as Musubi-chan's smile attests to her enjoyment of exercise, my body--the round glob trying to slide down on the left--speaks volumes, or should I say pints and pounds?

There wasn't a whole lot of of snow, but it was cold enough that the snow that was there didn't turn into slush. I wasn't very successful the first few tries. When I sat down in the disc, it just sorta sank into the soft new snow and I was stuck. I tried to nudge my way forward with a couple of hip thrusts, but to no avail. Giving up, embarrassed, I had to let Musubi-chan and Ungai-kun slide down a few times first. After they packed the snow a bit, creating a mini sled-course, I was able to finally slip down the hill as well. I think I REALLY need to work out more rigorously.

Not to make excuses or anything, but the fall semester is usually very busy and I truly do not have that much time to exercise. I'm either teaching or grading or... ok, Xanga-ing. Hahahahahah. Anyway, to slide down the hill head first on my stomach, a la Musubi-chan, I need to cut out the potato chips and chocolate that I so enjoy. Indeed, I slid down the hill head first, once. And it was a rather smooth and quick run as my weight became a speed factor down the now firmly packed course. But I'm glad it was cold enough for the snow not to turn into slush. Had it melted a bit, the disc would have stuck to my belly like a suction cup. Now THAT would have been embarrassing!

Now if only it would snow just a little more so school would be cancelled tomorrow, too....

So, how was everyone else's Monday?

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