Saturday, December 20, 2003

Finished Grading :Update:

Now I too can begin my winter break! Yahoo! I think I'll go see Last Samurai... like every freaking other person on Xanga.....

Are you Curious Yellow?
If you're female and have wondered what's it like to be a MAN, go to japblk's site and click on a link she provided, Magic Cone! The instructions are really easy to follow...

Congratulations Enygma81
Kudos for finishing your college career in one piece, in spite of those evil ones (J/K) who tried to thwart you with rewrites of papers and the infamous cap-and-gown bait-and-switch scam. Boy, I thought I had heard them all... If you wanna congratualte her too--which you can do even if you don't know her--click here to go to RBJs Top 300, scroll down to Anna (ID: 35) and click on her site from there. I wanna see her rise to the top. Yeah, baby, yeah, baby!

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