Friday, November 07, 2003

Busted again

Here's Kai's response: You make me sound so mean! In my defense, I turned in the request a month and a half ago.... you'll have *2 months* from the time I turned it in!
And I was referring to the entry you wrote a few weeks ago about all the stuff you had to do the presentation, midterms, etc, not just my recommendation!
But I wish everyone could've seen Onigiriman's face when I "caught" him typing on Xanga! Hahaha! It was classic! Talk about sheepish.

I write what Kai says, and she calls me mean. Mean? Moi? Mean is in the eye of the beholder. The person dishing it out always thinks the comments are not as mean as the person being served... Yes, I was sheepish. Classic? Perhaps. I hope this public admission of YOU getting the best of me makes you feel better... Bwahahahahaha!

Another Bust

Sometimes things just don't seem to go right. Like today. Musubi-chan makes me lunch as always. Now I am a luck dude to have a wife willing to make me lunch everyday. And in general its a good lunch. Today, I was treated to rice and natto--the fermented bean that many hate, including many Japanese, particularly because of its smell--with with mountain potatoes. Both are pretty slimey and together they are a gooey looking concoction. But I happen to love it. Well, it was in a separate container. I pour it over the rice, mix it up and gobble it up, "pulling strings" from bento box to mouth, as I feed myself. When I finish, I close the lid as usual. The container that held the natto also had some natto/yama-imo juice in it, so I bring it too my mouth to drink it up--don't wanna waste anything--but I dribble some of it on my shirt. Whew, thank gawd I was wearing a T-shirt instead of a dress shirt. I wiped it off as best I could and forgot about it. the T-shirt was beige colored so when it dried, you could barely tell I had spilled anything on it.

Or so I thought.

Later, I was walking to the little boys room when I passed some students I knew. "Oh man, sensei. Is that natto we smell?"

Busted again... and again...

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