Tuesday, November 04, 2008

vote Early, Vote Often

The talking heads on TV keep talking about how this is going to be record voter turnout. So I woke up early and headed for the polls at 5:45 AM... and there was a line...

But it wasn't too bad of a line. The polls opened at 6 AM and I cast my vote at 6:50, fulfilling my civic duty.

While I was standing in line there was a stout lady in front of me. She said she was from New York and she certainly talked and talked and talked like one. But it helped pass the time as she offered her opinion on everything in the world. After voting, I looked her way, gave her a nod and told her to have a nice day. When I arrived home and got out of my car, I still heard her voice. "You're my neighbor?"


The lady I had talked actually live on the opposite block of townhouses where I live. I've been living here for over 8 years now and have never met her. It took Decision '08 to meet a new/old neighbor.

Go figure.

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