Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Woo hoo!! Sales Tax Holiday

Just a reminder to those who live near me: This weekend is Virginia's Back to School Sales Tax Holiday. It is three days designated for residences--and visitors, I would presume--to purchase Back to School necessities tax free.

The Commonwealth of Virginia enacted in 2007 a Sales Tax Holiday to help residents--like me--who need certain items for specific contingencies--like me--but need a little financial break--LIKE ME. There are three holidays: in May for Emergency Preparedness specifically targeted at hurricane preparedness, August for School Supplies, and October for Energy Conservation.

The holiday for this weekend targets all things related to school including paper, pens and other school necessities, and clothing. Everything is not tax exemption. It is limited to those items that are commonly considered necessities, so school supplies are limited to certain products that are less than $30. No, you cannot buy a computer or printer sales tax free. In fact, most items computer-related are not exempt, even paper and toner. Grrr.... Time to write to our delegate.

Better, however, is the clothes tax exemption. Clothes are also limited: Items must cost less than $100 and does not include helmets, cleats, and other non-academic related clothing like prom dresses. But everything else is okay. Last year, I bought Sketcher athletic shoes, shirts, and jeans. In fact, I finished virtually all my Christmas shopping that weekend.

Virginia's non-food sales tax is 5%, so after buying hundreds of dollars Christmas presents I saves a few pennies, which M an I promptly spent on beer after a hard day of shopping. It was our way of contributing to the economy. Money has to circulate for the economy to be effective for everyone.

Anyway, this Saturday I'm off to the Outlet at Leesburg. I have my credit card in the freezer right now. Last years, it got swiped so much that it actually got hot... and thinner by about 0.7 microns.

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