Thursday, June 28, 2007

Time out

A little break from TY and UCLA.

You know, I decided not to teach this summer. I could always use the money--especially with a 26 year-old step-son who still can't figure out what to do with his life, so he quits his job, moves out of his current living arrangement and comes from Japan for some R & R. When he returns in September he will be jobless and homeless. I'm waiting for him to ask me for a hand, but he probably won't ask. He'll probably wait for mommy to ask for him....

As I said, I could have used the extra cash, but a colleague of mine needs money more than me, so I decided to let her have the gig, and focus on my research. Getting a book out or even an article in a academic journal could lead to a raise. So this should be just as good... but I think I've already wasted all of June. WTF am I doing?!?

Can you tell me to get my butt in gear? Like give me a swift kick in the ass? I can take it... Right here----->

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