Friday, September 29, 2006

Albeit embarrassing...


ome readers have said they wanted to see the video.

The video in question is from a month ago--no, Gokingsgo, I am not on TV a lot, just the one time. It is about the sexual assault in the area around the Vienna train station, away from which I live a brisk seven minute walk. As said in the previous post, after seeing the brief interview, I realized that I need to work on my speech--pronuncation, clarity... gawd, even grammar. I occasionally criticize others for not articulating, or not completing their sentences, but placed on the spot with a microphone pointed at me and a camera in my face--literally--I performed no better. And if that wasn't bad enough, I need to get a new hair stylist. *sigh*

So here it is folks. Watch it at your own risk. The O-man takes no responsibility for health issues arising from viewing this news piece. You should be in good health. Pregnant women and those who have had recent surgery or injury; those with high blood pressure, heart conditions, neck or back problems; and those with any impairment or condition that would prevent normal viewing, should not watch. Of course, you must be at least 48" tall.

Update: Apparently I can't show a Xanga video on Blogger. Oh well. If you wanna see it, you're gonna have to open a site on Xanga... :-(

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