Tuesday, April 04, 2006

One Win Away...


ell, we climbed the mountain, but we couldn't get over the top. Congratulations to the Flordia Gators. They were definitely the better team tonight as they just whooped our butts royally. I don't even remember the score. Still it was a good run for our team. They played injured throughout most of the season, few gave them a chance to do anything and they ended up in the finals, one win away from an NCAA championship.


Well, 10-2 in football and a win away from a basketball championship. All in all, it's been a good year for Bruin spors fans. Just allow me to reiterate an old Dodger saying: Wait 'til next year....


Anonymous said...

I hate Gators. They kicked our ass.

But I have to admit, Gator's Joakim Noah is kinda cute.


Manny said...

The Bruins will be back in the Final Four in the next year or so. Only Ced, Ryan, Fey & Rubin are leaving, and Shipp returns from injury and Keefe comes in highly regarded. If Spica can qualify, that's an added bonus. Things are looking good for us. Like you said before, it's good to be a Bruin.