Thursday, March 02, 2006

House Husband


his weekend is gonna be another killer. M has had a fever since Tuesday night. So besides my normal busy weekend of grading--another 50 papers for the Film class and 30 papers for the Lit class--I gotta take care of the family. This means cooking and cleaning and laundry. Cleaning and laundry ain't too bad, and I do like to cook. Tonight, we're having bean sprouts, nappa cabbage, mushroom and pork stir fry. Tomorrow some tofu and salsa--it's similar to my tofu pomadoro but with a slight kick. Saturday? I'll probably be beat with all the gading so I'll just order a couple of pizzas.

Everyone have a nice weekend!


Anonymous said...

There must be a virus coming around. My sister and brother-in-law has been sick since Tuesday as well?

btw your pork stir fry sounds good just about now. :-)

Happy weekend!


ws said...

This is totally unrelated, but as a result of my obsession with college basketball I read a few blogs and this message was posted on a GW blog regarding seeding in the NCAA's. "What exactly is UCLA's claim to fame? "We're 0-4 vs. the top 25"?? UCLA's best win is.. what? Nevada, on a neutral court? Meanwhile, their 6 losses include every good team they've played, plus Cal and #112 USC. Oh yeah, *that's* a more impressive "body of work""

I got a good laugh about it, thought you might appreciate it.