Thursday, February 09, 2006

You know you're getting older...


ver since I turned 50, I've been obsessed with it. I think I'm truly going through some sort of mid-life crisis. No, I have no plans to buy a Corvette, although that's mostly because I don't have the money... I presume that most who read this site will not understand this preoccupation with age. Wait another 30 years and you'll know what I mean. By then, I'll be, what? ... Eighty? Egads!

Anyway, a student who graduated and was doing research in Japan came by the other day. He got into Cambridge to pursue a Masters in Asian Studies. He isn't sure if he wants to go, but he is the third student of mine in three years to get in. Of course, they didn't get in because of me, but because of what they have accomplished on their own... but I did write letters of recommendations for all three.

Anyway, I've been partial to baseball caps recently, especially when it's cold because heat does have a tendency to escape through your head and I need all the heat I can keep these days. But this guy walks into my office, and asked me what the deal was with the cap? Is this a new look or are you balding?

I almost asked him to return the letter of recommendation. *sigh*

Oh well, I guess I've reached an age when a little balding would not be odd. But I have such a healthy head of hair that the thought of going bald had never entered my head. Upon closer inspection, I must admit that it does seem to have receded a bit...

But I really felt old last month when I went with M to Ruby Tuesday in Fairfax. We were sitting at a table eating dinner and drinking beer. I suddenly felt a draft, so I put on my jacket at the table, but soon took it off when I got too warm. But in a couple of minutes, I felt cold again, so M suggested I take my wool muffler and place it over my lap. The make-shift blanket felt very comfortable almost right away. We continued our meal and I didn't give the cold a second thought.

When we were about to leave I picked up the muffler from my lap. I immediately felt the cold draft, and then it hit me. Oh my God! I must look like one of those grandpas who needs a lap blanket to stay warm. I never felt as old as I did at that moment...

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