Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Procrastinating weekend


spent the four day weekend procrastinating. If there was an Olympic category for this, I think I would be world class. Lets see... I finished up some work on our family's homepage. It's a place I setup where M's family and friends can see how we're doing. I put up a meesage announcing I was closing the old JAJournal site. I added some new pics to my RBJ tomodachi gallery--those who have bookmarked me there--I really appreciate it guys. But I ran out of things to do.

What should I do? Grade papers or fix the toilet? Hmmm. I could grade papers to not have to deal with the toilet. Or I can fix the toilet to avoid grading papers. Neither are good ways to procrastinate. Dang! I was so desperate looking for other things to do that I even ran/walked for 2 hours on Sunday. TWO HOURS! That's more than 8 miles and over 1000 kilocalories, which is quite a feat for a pudgy little riceball. The worst thing is that I don't feel any skinnier. I certainly don't look any thinner. Ugh!

Speaking of which...

Some of you may remember that I wrote an entry a few weeks ago about tyring to walk myself skinny, that M said that "Running is the fastest way to lose weight and get fit, but I am perhaps getting too old for that" so M suggested that I try walking since I would probably not exhaust myself, and therefore talk myself out of exercising. Well, thanks to that post, Jeeves now seems to think that I am the know it all for losing weight fast. When a person desperate to lose weight goes to AskJeeves.com and types "fastest way to lose weight", guess who comes up #1? CLICK AND SEE. I'd bet that anyone who'd type in those key words is not looking to read my blog, let alone the words "RUNNING is the fastest way" to lose it.

I figure this is a combination of Xanga's popularity and the simplicity of AskJeeves program. My words are located by Jeeves on Xanga and since Xanga in total has a kazillion hits a day, my blog goes straight to the top of the list. What an insipidly simplistic search engine. My blog definitely does not command the kind of traffic to get myself on the top of any search--unless you search for Onigiriman, where I will be number one, numero uno, ichiban, on any search engine.

Speaking of which...

I just found out that two people actually bought official Onigiriman t-shirts. If you haven't noticed--or more likely, just ignored it--on the left column of the main page is a link to CafePress.com where I have set up shop. There you can get Onigiriman T-shirts, sweat shirts and coffee mugs. I set it up on a lark thinking that if I ever wanted to get O-man stuff for myself, I could give myself a discount. However, there is virtually no markup on these items, so I'm not really giving myself a discount. But anyway, whoever you are, thank you. I am truly flattered. Hope you enjoy wearing them.


ws said...
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ws said...

Thanks for the comments...I'm getting tired of looking, clearly. Were you suggesting that it is OK to still be looking? I'm pretty sure I'll give up at 30 and cut my losses. (Sometimes I think I knew more about myself at 20 than I do now, which is discouraging) I once thought (obviously incorrectly) that as I got older life would get easier, that maybe the "me" that I found would be a static being. But, in light of my inability to control every aspect of my environment (despite my best efforts), I keep changing either out of necessity or by choice.

As an aside, while running may be an effective and healthy weight loss technique, I think the fastest way to lose weight may be a cocktail of cigarettes and dexatrim, though it may not be advisable. I'm not sure that would get you as many hits on ask jeeves though.

sorry about the long comment. enjoy the short week. Go Colonials!