Friday, December 23, 2005

The Mostest 2005--TV

Island. Space. Island. Space. I can't make up my mind!


is usually a source of information for me. Most of my time in front of the small screen is spent watching sports--anywhere from three to six hours a week--multiply that by 3 or 4 during football season. I also spend hours watching news shows, from Meet the Press to Hardball to Countdown to the Daily Show--if you can count that as a news show. (No, I don't watch the O'Reilly Factor or any other Fox news show.) Yes, my name is Onigiriman and I'm a boob-tube-aholic. As a kid, it was my conduit to the outside world, perhaps in the way the Internet is for many of you. It is how I learned how the rest of the world lived, what the typical American family looked like, and how different I was from Mainstream, USA.

But it didn't matter that I didn't look like Chip in "My Three Sons" or that I didn't have a nickname like "the Beav"--although I wouldn't wish that nickname on anyone now--or that my mother was a nose twitching witch. I was fascinated with what I didn't have. I mean, what could be more boring? I admit to an admiration of the perfection reflected in the imperfect families of the Douglases of "My Three Sons", of Uncle Bill's "Family Affair" and of Brandon Cruz's "Courtship of Eddie's Father." I had the hots for Donna Stone (Donna Reed) and Laura Petrie (Mary Tyler Moore). I enjoyed watching the slapstick, anti-war shows of "Hogan's Heroes" and "McHale's Navy". I loved watching TV so much that I knew the air time of virtually every prime time show by heart. My mother used to tell her friends that we didn't need the TV Guide; she had her own personal TV Guy.

But for pure entertainment value, I was caught up in the "exotic" shows, the shows that took its audience to places that were totally out of reach. I watched "Lost in Space" and "StarTrek" religiously. And, of course, I cannot leave out Gilligan, the skipper, his first mate, a millionaire (and his wife), a movie star, the professor and Mary Anne on their deserted island. These shows depicting a world that I will never know still tickle me, which is probably why I am currently addicted to "Lost." Survivors of a plane crash wash up on a deserted island that emits some sort of electro magnetic field that might--might--explain the strange occurrences on the island--appearance of polar bears, a horse from someone's memory, visions of dead people, and an apparent monster that has yet to fully reveal itself--these guys are geniuses. I'm also enamored with "Battlestar Gallactica." This is a superb science fiction drama--good production values, great writing, solid acting--that goes way beyond the campy version that followed on the heels of StarWars in the late 70s. The version is truly awesome, something that dwarfs other SciFi fare such as Stargate or Andromeda or FarScape or the 4900. Both Lost and Battlestar Gallactica began in 2004, but they didn't really blossom until this year--although I have been watching both since day one.

So I have to call this a tie. Yes, I no have the cajones to choose one over the other, I love them both--to make things worse, I watch CSI--the original, not the Miami or NY spin offs--just as religiously.

So what was you favorite TV show of 2005?

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