Thursday, December 15, 2005

A Midlife in Crisis


ot that this has any legitimacy, but these Internet "games" are fun. I went to SleepingCutie's site and found this name decoder of sorts. First, however, I want to say that I'm glad that SleepingCutie's back. For reasons of privacy--I think--she had moved over to LiveJournal. I have an LJ account too, but I rarely use it and so I had stopped reading her entries. But I just recently realized that she is back on Xanga and posting regularly. I look forward to reading her stuff again.

Outstanding Nocturnal Individual Gladly Imparting Rapturous, Intense Massage and Arousing NeckingAnyway, she had this Sexy Name Decoder link and I put in my real name and it spit out something about my ability to bring about awesome orgasms in my mate. Wow... Who'd a thunk. For the purposes of this site, however, I used my other real name and came up with the decoded name on the right: Outstanding Nocturnal Individual Gladly Imparting Rapturous Intense Massage and Arousing Necking.

Buwahahahahah! I'm sure M would love this. I mean, the necking part is no big deal, but massages are huge in our house. A foot and leg massage? I'm the recognized master. Or is that slave? When we're watching TV, she'll put her foot on my lap and I'll just start massaging from each toe to the arch to the heel, then the ankle, calves and shins. She usually falls asleep, which means I don't get my feet massaged. I sometimes wonder if she's faking it?

Well, today's the big day and I don't feel any different. I mean, I've been feeling pretty old lately anyway--from fake heart attack to creaking knees to gradual blindness. I am the poster boy for How To Age Ungracefully. But I've been thinking that a lot of this might be psychosomatic. Not that I'm some sort of hypochondriac, convinced that I contract every illness in this world. But I do feel that my state of mind may play a significant role in my well being. Lately, I feel a lot of angst. Is it my career? My family? Immigration? It seems like so much has been going to pot and it bugs the shit out of me. Is this a midlife crisis of sorts? I am not a very pretty sight these days...


I think I need to focus and grade all the Finals that will begin today and continue until Tuesday. Once that is out of the way, I will try to relax during winter break and try to get myself into a better state of mind. More exercise, better eating habit, maybe even some meditation. Hah! I can only hope...

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Joyceline said...

Just wishing you a Happy Birthday :) **hugs and such**