Friday, November 18, 2005

Uwakimono: That Cheatin' Heart


es, I have cheated. It is not a nice feeling. The guilt is unbearable. How could I do this? How can I be so self-centered and selfish and betray my true love... I must make this confession to somehow relieve the pain, racked by guilt as I am. They say confession is good for the soul, but I fear the retributions of my loved one, my one and only....


Blame the Bruins. They made me do it. They play heart-stopping games that are at once excruciating and blissful. Down by double digits in the 4th quarter in four different games, only to come back and win in the last minutes, twice in overtime. It is heart-wrenching--Will they win? Do they have it in them? My hands are balled into a tight fist, slamming my thighs when things go poorly. I jump up, hands raised, in my best imitation of Notre Dame's Touchdown Jesus, howling in joy. It is intoxicating and I am inebriated and--if I wasn't already--addicted.

As a result, between grading and writing letter of recommendations that some students think take only a few key strokes to produce (yes, I'm still perturbed; I will write about it later if I cannot exorcise this demon), I have been spending most of my free time on a Bruin Football board. It is fun to read and respond to those who have a similar interest in football and it allows me to release the emotions I have pent up within me to those who share my passion.

The downside to this, of course, is that I have spent even less time on Xanga. It started with reading my subscriptions less and less, and now I hardly even post, because I have been cheating on you, my Xanga. I'm so sorry... Well, maybe not that sorry.

The good news is that the next game is the last one. It is the big one, basically our bowl game, the game against the the University of South Central in Los Angeles, an area closely associated with Watts. It might be more familiar to you as USC. South Central is our rival and nemesis, and this is the biggest game of the year for us. Even if we were to end up in a prestigious bowl game, nothing would rival this game for raw emotion: anticipation, fear, anxiety, pain, hatred, bliss... Oooooh, I'm already excited, and the game is still two weeks away! Hahaaha. I am pathetic.

In any event, I have a little more time, despite the fervor, and so I hope to be a bit more faithful to your, dear Xanga...

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