Sunday, November 06, 2005

Shiri pen-pen


an, oh, man. Did we ever get spanked. UCLA lost its first game of the year. 52-14. Fifty-two to fourteen. To team that was 2-6... I guess all those games of playing poorly at first, only to comeback to win finally caught up with us. I guess we were not as good as we thought we were. But we're still 8-1 and still in position to do well.

I still can't figure out this team. They play poorly, then they play incredibly well. Does this mean the players are mediocre, but the coaches know how to turn them on late in the game? Or does it mean the coaches aren't coaching well and the players finally figure out how to fix problems on their own and come back to win? The announcer on the TV broadcast said during the game that the players know hos to fix things themselves. Does that mean that the coaches can't do it? This is worrisome.

Still, I gotta believe that the players we have are good enough to play anyone. They've proven that they can play with good teams. Cal and Oklahoma are two examples. Even the defense has shown that they can do it... sometimes. I hope this game serves as a wake up call. So that they can go into the last two games of the season and play at the level they are capable of.

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