Saturday, September 10, 2005

Another Saturday


oday my boys in blue will play Rice University. It shouldn't be toomuch of a big deal. They handled San Diego State pretty handily and so there shouldn't be much fuss over Rice. but then, if they take any team too lightly--especially if they're looking forward to next weeks game against Oklahoma--then anything can happen. And in my experience, the Bruins have a habit of overlooking teams they are supposed to beat and then have a hard time winning. I hope that is not the case. they need to stay focused at all times.

Anyway, the game will be broadcast on FoxWest 2 and for some stupid reason, Dish Network does not carry it. Something about only carrying one sports network per region. what kind of BS is that? I am definitely thinking of changing over to DirecTV. As a result, I will be going to our local watering hole again. And this time, I will be going with M's friends. They've neer been to a "sports" bar and the also want to learn the "secret" of the crane game. I tell 'em it's in the wrist, but they want to watch me play the game to see if they can master it too. well, I don't mind, as long as I can watch the game....

M will be gone for most of the day, too. She's volunteering at an gathering of senior citizens. She's going to lead them in a light aerobics workwout. I hope no one croaks.

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