Thursday, May 19, 2005


Progress Update


s if any of you guys cared, I'm still grading. I finished Classical Japanese and have posted grades for both the Lit class and Classical. Today is the killer exam: Japanese Culture through Film. 50 students, 100 essays. Ugh! I think I'm gonna die.

Who wants a Gmail account?

You guys who have Gmail: Did your notice that the capacity has more than doubled? My account now says I have 2200 MB. I don't know too much about computers but this sounds like a lot to me. I think I'll leave hotmail for my junk mail and start to use Gmail exclusively. And, if anyone of my subscribers still doesn't have a Gmail account, let me know. I still got 50 invites to give out. Don't be shy. Just email me so I know where to send the invite.


eechim: only a FILM? come again?


heesh! Alright, already. So it's not JUST a film. It's an event, commercialized, sold and resold. I've had StarWars M&Ms, StarWars Skittles, StarWars Burger King. With all this saturation, it must not be a good film. JUST KIDDING! I won't place judgment until I see it, and I will try really hard to NOT let E1 and E2 influence me negatively. Cross my hear, hope to... never see another Lucas film. Hahahahha. Kidding, kidding.

Anyway, so today is May 19th and the day of StarWars E3. I can't go anywhere without reading about it. Given how E1 and E2 were, I'll wait for the video... Hahahaha. But probably not. M will want to take her son, so I guess we'll go soon enough. But I refuse to go the first week or so. I will not stand in line or sit in the very front...

I saw a "What's Your StarWars Name" list on SimplyMarie's and I thought is was funny and decided to post it, but I noticed that its all over Xanga and so posting it here would be redundant... UNLESS I put a twist to it. So below is the:

What's Your Asian Star Wars name:

First Name:

Your first name is your individual identity so it should represent those things you like, so the first four letters of your favorite anime or manga character should not only represent you, it should be fairly recognizable. The second syllable of your favorite dish will add variety to the anime name.

  1. From your favorite anime or manga character, take the first 4 letters. If there are only three letters, just use the three. (Goku, Kenshiro, Doraemon)
  2. Add the second syllable of your favorite Asian dish; original name preferable but not necessary. (i.e. sushi, bibimbap, almond duck, dim sum)

    Pikachu + tempura = Pikapu. Nausicaa + pad thai = Nausthai. Speed Racer + bibimbap = Speebim. Crayon Shinchan + tofu = Crayfu

Last Name:

Your last name is your "traditional" identity, so it should be created from your real name. But be sure to use the name you usually go by, not the one on your birth certificate. Remember that both portions should, if possible, end in a vowel. This will give it a pseudo-Asian ring to it.

  1. Since this is Asian, we go last name first, but spell your family name backwards and then take the first 2 consecutive letters that end in a vowel. (i.e. Smith=htims, Omalley=yellamo, Park=krap)
  2. Add to this the first 3 consective letters of your 1st name that end in a vowel. (i.e. Paul, Kate, David). If you have a short name in which there are no 3 letter that end in a vowel, then spell it backwards (Kurt = truk) or use it backwards as is (i.e. Ron=Nor). You should use the name you usually go by.

    EXAMPLE: Jennifer Lopez = Zenni; Kim Jong-Il = Mingi; George Bush = Sugeo; Dan (nad) Rather = Renad; Shaquille Oneal = Lasha; Colin Powell = Leoli; Kristi Yamaguchi = Cukri; Bill (llib) Murray = Yalli;

Your Title:

Titles should be limited--as in count or Baron or whatever. Since Japanese monsters or other fictional characters are relatively small in number we should get a number with similar titles, is as it should be. Same with the location of origin. A limited number of places should determine where we--psychologicall--come from: where we currently live and where we want to be.

  1. Take either the last two syllables of your favorite fictional martial arts, samurai or Japanese monster character. This can be an animation character as well and can be the same as above. (i.e. Kenshiro, Musashi, Mothra)
  2. Insert the word "of"
  3. Spell the current city in which you reside backwards and and stop at the first vowel you reach, excluding the first letter excluded. (Chicago=Oga, Pittsburgh=Hgru, Milan=Na, Zurich=Hci, Sidney=Ye, Nagoya=Ayo)
  4. To this, add the first syllable of your favorite Asian City or the one you want to go to (next). (Tokyo, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Seoul)

    Examples: King Gidra + Seattle + Beijing = Dra of Elttabei. Zatoichi + Vancouver + Manila = Ichi of Rema

So you wanna try and figure out what Your Asian StarWars Name is and let me know what it is? Onigiriman's name is Atommen Machi, Zilla of Annehong. Sounds pretty ominous, don't you think?

But, y'know, I should be grading instead of making up this stuff...

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