Wednesday, April 13, 2005



t the blossom viewing gathering, we had our Janken (rock-scissors-paper) Tourney. In this game, you do not win simply by beating your opponent with the right weapon--rock, scissors or paper. You must also make the loser look in the direction to which you point.

Let's say we do jan-ken-pon--you stick out your weapon on "pon"--I present a rock but you show me paper. Well, you win, but then you say "atchi muite hoi" (look over there) and point in a direction--up, down, left or right. I have to look in another direction. If I do, then I get another life and we start again. If I look in the same direction, then I lose. Make sense? Well, click on the link below if you want to confirm visually. It is a clip of the finals between two students. (It may take a moment or two to load.)


Anyway, this is the way we spend our time when teaching Japanese. Wouldn't you want to learn Japanese where I teach? Hehehehhe

By the way, can someone tell me the coding for an embedded video player? Real or Windows? I'd appreciate it.


Thanks Jason, but it doesn't seem to work or me. I get audio but it won't show video.

Update II

If you right click the link and go to property, you should get it. I put in the code below as you indicated and Paiky seems to agree that it should work, but my computer doesn't show me jack. I tried putting in "width" and "height" properties, but it stillwon't show me video. Maybe its my computer. Can you see it?

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