Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Cherries and UNC


oday, (Tuesday) was a beautiful day. Nice and warm. The cherry blossoms surrounding the tidal pool on the Washington Mall are supposed to have started to bloom. On such a warm day as today, they must be trying like crazy to burst forth from the confines of its bud.

This Friday, our Japanese program is scheduled to hold our annual Cherry blossom viewing--in Japanese it is called o-hanami, literally: to view the blossoms. Of course, in this context, hana refers to the cherry blossoms. Anyway, we will meet at the National Mall and eat our bento (box lunch) and maybe play games. There is a prize this year: The official Onigiriman coffee mug... Like someone would really wants it. Hahahahha!

NCAA Finals

Visit RachelsMommy's Xanga Site!What?!!! No mention of the tearful ending of the game. My throat is raw... and for what?

O-man: Tearful? Man, there is no disgrace in losing in the finals, although Illinois did exhibit an impressive come back. Still, they have nothing to be embarrassed about. They had a great season.

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daag, how did you know illini would lose!

O-man: I didn't "know" that Illinois was going to lose. This year, I felt that Michigan State had a pretty good team and should get to the finals. The greatest obstacle they had was North Carolina but I thought they might have enough to beat them, maybe in overtime, just barely. But on Saturday, UNC looked REALLY good against the Spartans, and I just thought that they would beat anybody, including the Illini. Would they beat a lower tier NBA team? Probably not. I mean pro is pro. But it would be an interesting match up. May (UNC's center) is going to be great in the NBA.

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