Friday, March 25, 2005

With Appreciation

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gain, thanks for all your kind words of support. I believe that we will get through this mess that I guess I made...

A side effect: All the comments and e-props you gave me placed me somewhere I haven't been on for a while: Featured Content. Of course, I can't brag about the numbers of which some can boast--tons of comments, hundreds of e-props--but it was nice to find myself there with my own modest numbers provided generously by you guys.

50,000 Hits

Being on Featured Content had an unexpected side-effect: I surpassed 50,000 hits before I realized it. Normally, I don't get a whole lot of hits. I average around seventy to eighty a day. There are those who get a lot of hits and have hit 50G with relative ease, but I never dreamed that I would hit it before my 50th birthday with about nine months to spare. When I first signed on to Xanga, I did so at the insistence of Mr_Mephisto, who went to Japan to teach and wanted to keep in touch through blogging. I thought it was innocent enough, and I thought it might be fun to try something I had only heard of in passing.

I started out writing about issues that I had a passion for: Being JA, baseball, literature. But somewhere along the line, I started to write about myself, as well. This is probably the my narcissistic side rearing it's ugly head for all to see. Ugh... But I figure some of you who have been reading me for over a year know me as well as anyone, even though you may not actually know who I am--although I know some of you have Googled me and found out exactly who I am...

But I'm so freakin' addicted now, I don't know what to do...

Anyway, 50G... Yeah, so I was kind of excited to be approaching this magic number, and wanted to see who number 50,000 would be, but because I was on Featured Content, I was getting hits so fast that I surpassed the milestone before I knew it! Truth be told, I got about 675 hits on Wednesday, which is about 600 more than usual. Now mind you, I'm not trying to brag. I mean, get this: Of these extra 600 visitors, four unknowns left comments. Hmm, lets see, that's like 0.6%? Hahahahhha. Lets me know how interesting my site is to the everage Xangan, I suppose, which really make me appreciate you regulars.

But what really bugged me was the fact that I couldn't monitor who might be number 50,000. I mean, that was something I was looking forward to. However, thanks to Sitemeter, I was able to backtrack and got the IP address of Mr./Ms. 50,000. Now, I may or may not know this person, but here's a brief description:

  • S/he is a periodic visitor here, but usually gets here by Googling onigiriman.
  • S/he lives in the Eastern Standard Time zone.
  • S/he surfs the net on Optimum Online.
  • S/he uses Firefox to surf.
  • Her/his IP address is 68.XXX.XX.

Does this description fit you? If so, how about sending me an email? I'm not here to expose ya' but I must admit I am curious. You can confirm your identity by filling in the rest of the above IP address.

Anyway, whoever this person is, thanks for stopping by as the 50,000th visitor.

And thanks to everyone else as well.
All of you have made my Xanga experience a great one and I truly appreciate it.

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