Friday, March 11, 2005

Spring Break? Yeah, right


t is March and time to take a week off... I WISH! While all my children will be going home to see friends and to be pampered by mommy or spending time in Florida, I will stay home to catch up on all the work I couldn't do while I was sick. Grade film papers, grade J-Lit assignments, grade classical Japanese midterms.

Spring Break? What's that?

And to top it off, I was contacted a few weeks ago by a colleague who is putting out a book on Basho. She asked me to submit a paper on linked verse about three years ago, and I sent it to her about... three years ago. Well, she likes my ideas but I need to make some changes, some wholesale changes. I am happy to do so, as I understand the changes she wants--something more in step with the theme of the book. But she wants them by the end of March.


Like I said: Spring Break? What's that?

So I am off to seclude myself and focus on the things I need to do; taking advantage of not having to worry about going to school to teach. I have... let's see... ten days?

Okay, I'm off... Everyone have a great weekend...

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