Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Undecorating: Simplicity is Best

RachelsMommy: Ooh, it feels different in here!!! (feeling creative, were ya?) You do know this constitutes redecorating...

Actually, this is something that TheWaterJar instigated, sorta. He is apparently redoing his Xanga site and he mentioned that he's a minimalist at heart--you can go to his page to see how he defines minimalism. Me? Well, I'm in effect no minimalist. My desk is a mess, I have junk all over my house. M hates it when I want to buy frames for photos and pictures. I've lived in cluttered space for most of my life, so I kinda feel comfortable with a lot of junk around. As long as its not wet and sticky, I can deal a bit of messiness, much to M's chagrin.

But when it comes to the arts, I truly love simplicity. Clean lines, beautiful solos. My first car was a 1973 Camaro. I took out all the molding and Camaro insignias, had the holes filled and the entire car repainted a midnight blue. At night it was a virtual black. I love monochromatic paintings. I certainly love the photos by detachable when she focuses on the different shades of light and dark--she is a genious... well, except for her profile pic which still scares me when I visit... I love the stick figures of shi, her way of imaging her rants of the day--although she seems to be on a temporary hiatus.

Anyway, I decided to "redecorate" my site a bit. Well, redecorate might be the wrong word. More like "undecorate". I've taken out the lines and boxes. I've even taken down my beloved O-man banner on the main page--it's still up on the comments page. There is something beautiful in seeing simple text on a white background. The beauty of words might be in its appearance as much as it is in its meaning. Beauty is simplicity for me.

And simplicity is best.

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