Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Senryu for December


t took me a long time to judge the previous poems, so I wasn't sure if I should do another one. But it seems that many of you are getting into this senryu thang. So I thought maybe we should do another one. As before, this salon is open only to subscribers. If you are one, then please do not hesitate to submit a verse. The only thing you have to fear is my sarcasm and a public evaluation. If you can handle that, then by all means submit a senryu poem.

As previously stated, be sure to create your poems in the 5-7-5 syllable count. Also remember that senryu is a textual "snapshot" of a moment. You should avoid abstract images, and instead convey whatever abstract emotion or sentiment through the images of the "moment." Please read the poems and commentary from August salon on "waiting". The July salon on "air conditioner" was good too, especially the top three, which used specific images--vinyl seats, sea waves, frozen food labels--as vehicles to convey a moment in time and a sentiment. As always, PLEASE SUBMIT ONLY ONE SENRYU, rewrite it, edit it, think about it, AND THEN post it as a comment to THIS ENTRY.

For a refresher on the basics, read this. Rule of thumb. Maintain the syllable count, try to draw a picture that is evocative through text, and reflect a moving or insightful aspect of the topic, preferably in a comical way. All submissions should be posted as a comment to this post, must be in English, and should reflect the topic... which is on the left column of the MAIN PAGE. Clicking on the topic will bring you to the comments area of this post.

You can interpret the topic any way you want--noun, verb, adjective--but keep in mind that you want to grasp an essence--a quality that is conveyed in, through and by the topic--and express it as an image through text.

Good luck everyone!

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