Saturday, December 04, 2004

The Blood Bowl II



kay, today's the day! No more abuse from the $UCsters. It's time to get mad. Time to get down. Time to get even. I was reading a message board where a fellow Bruin was in line at the Bruin gift shop and there was a $UCster in line buying Bruin stuffed animals, bragging that he would burn them in effigy. And he's raggin' on the cashier, about how the Bruins are gonna get embarrassed and crap. The guy was about 30 something and giving grief to an female undergraduate student who is working--as you should know, she's on the clock and smart enough not to give a customer any lip. She's just taking it. Well, it's just another reflection of how low class $UCsters are. This guy feels empowered because the football team at his former school is ranked number one. What a dweeb. I swear, there are $C assholes all over the place. I dare any of you $C people to justify this asshole. Just try...

Anyway, I'm getting mighty antsy now. I feel the rage welling up within me. Today is THE day. Anything and anyone wearing mustard and ketchup colors are the enemy. Some of you may think I'm crazy, but this is truly a serious rivalry. And I will have nothing to do withthat school. Wold I ever take a job there, even if they gave me loads of money? No, Never. A student asked me once if I'd write a letter of recommendation to SC for her. I told her yeah, but that would be my last recommendation for her, forever. She thought I was kidding. I told I was serious.

This rivalry is serious. There is bad blood all over LA. You have to go to one of these schools to understand it, I suppose. I suppose that many UCLA students resented the rich boy attitude of the $uc students. I bet that $UC students resented not going to a academically highly ranked school, settling for $UC. For them, its all about the money. A high school classmate went to pharmacy school there. He told me he took a tax class that taught how to find loopholes after they start raking in the money. Okay, maybe that might be a good idea, but what got me was that this was a REQUIRED course to graduate in pharmacology. How sick is that. Physician, heal thyself... by taking a handful of 'ludes all at once.

Sammy: If I was in DC I would hang with you....and root for USC! Gahahaha!

Thanks, dude. Exactly what I needed to hear to get me even more pissed off. I'm gonna be huffin' and puffin' by game time. M is praying for the Bruins to win also. She is fully aware how sour my mood becomes after any Bruin loss. A loss to $UC sends me deep into a dark chasm.

Kizyr: The more you talk about football, the more you go over my head. Comparatively, bungo is easier to understand {^^}.

Then stick to bungo. Grrrr....

WolferasDream: Are teachers allowed to say 'shit'? ;)

Unbeknownst to some students, teachers are humans too. We have emotions. We have foibles. I know you think we are perfect human beings, but if you cut me, will I not bleed? Sorry to disillusion ya' girl... But I have to get pissed off right now. I hope all Bruin Nation will be pissed off and that the team can feed off of this. An angry defensive line is a pretty effective one. I was talking to a student recently who reminded me that a undermanned Hawaii team once killed a superior BYU by playing angry. Football is one of those sports where playing angry works...

Tim00: clap clap clapclapclap ucla ucla ucla fight! GO BABY GO! 100% HEART! know what they say about snowflakes and chances in hell...

Dude, a snowflakes chance in hell?!? Where's your UCLA student ID? Turn it in. This is no time to get practical or realistic. You have to believe! If we dont' believe, then the players won't either. I know its hard, but we are Bruins. We can take it. We have to! So screw that snowflake. We are sending Frosty the Snowman to freeze those condumbs! BTW: you don't have to turn in your ID. I know what you wrote on your site, and we are Bruin Brothers for life....

Go Bruins! Beat $UC!

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