Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The Year of the Reverse


guess this is the year to change trends, destroy old superstitions. First, the Red Sox not only become the first baseball team to come back from a 0-3 deficit and beat the Yankees, they finally get rid of the Curse of the Bambino and win the World Series. Now the Washington Redskins are no longer the seers of presidential elections--although they continue to count votes in Ohio and New Mexico, Bush's lead seems is insurmountable. As I mentioned a couple of days ago, the incumbent party often reflected the wins and losses of the last Redskins home game before an election. If the trend continued, the incumbent, Bush, would have lost because the Redskins lost last Sunday at FedEx field.

While it was nice to see the BoSox win, I would have rather have seen them lose if it meant that the Redskins remained accurate prognosticators.

So where the hell am I going to go now? *shudder* The Bush administration once announced, "you're either with us or against us." Compassionate conservatism? This is the attitude that convinced me to turn away from Bush. Like everyone else in the country, when 9/11 hit, I threw my support behind the president. With rhetoric like that, with an antagonistic attitude like that, I slowly change my mind. I became, like Kerry, a flip flopper, one who once supported Bush then changed his mind based on new information. And so, since I am not with him, I am--by their definition--against him, becoming an outsider, just another marginalized person. I presume that this is how I will be received by Bush supporters as well, because, hell, if they voted for him, they "approve this message." Perhaps it's time to leave.

But first...

40,000 Headman

I am approaching the 40,000 hit mark. Indeed, I will likely hit it sometime today or tomorrow. Please tell me if you are number 40,000. There's a counter somewhere on this site.

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