Friday, November 26, 2004

Xanga changes


hange is an inevitable part of life. Some for the good, some for the bad. What I need to work on is my ability to accept it and deal with it on its terms. This is, of course, easier said than done. But then, some of the changes make things easier anyway. Take Xanga for example.

The good people of this blog site have made a few changes. First, thing I noticed was the larger comment boxes. I actually appreciate this change. I sometimes edit comments... okay, I usually edit longish comments, and this is more easily accomplished when I can read a greater portion of what I wrote. Another intereresting change is the profile pix of my commenters. While I know the profile pics for most of my Xanga buddies, its nice to get an image in my head of a new or infrequent commenter. This is a nice touch.

One unexpected change is eProps. I had a script that disabled them, but it is obviously no longer functioning. Oh well, it might be nice to get eProps again... One irritating change--or at least I think its a change--is that I can't use the Back button on my browser afer I leave a comment. I usually leave comments and then use the Back button to go back to the page from which I started, such as my subscription page. This is kinda annoying. I guess i'll have to deal with it by using the "history" (down arrow) button next to the Back button.

Special Thanks

Thanks to Ekin. This is actually a long overdue expression of appreciation. Since some jerks were using META tags to send Xanga spam, The Xanga team disabled it. Unfortunately, I use META tags to enable Japanese on my site automatically. Ekin showed me how to bypass this problem. Thanks dude!

I also want to extend my appreciation to Tiffany Lee and Fyzle for bookmarking me at the RiceBowlJournal. While I am not a promoter for RBJ, I will say it is a nice community for Asian Americans to connect, especially those who hang out at their forum. I haven't been there recently... geez, I barely have time for Xanga. Anyway, thanks to TL and Fyzle for your support. I have added your names to my tomodachi list in the left column on the main page.

I'd also like to thank my recent Xanga subscribers, as well. I usally go to the subscribers site to leave a message of thanks in their guestbooks, but I haven't done it the past few months, but I will soon. In any event, it is always nice to think that people actually want to read what I have to say, as imbecilic as it can be at times...

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