Thursday, November 11, 2004



reviously, in the ever dramatic and tramatic life of a Riceball--that's Onigiriman to you and me--I mentioned how I hated the negative vibes I've been manifesting. Well, today I talked to a student who said something that gave me an "aha" moment. Mr. Oarbay told me that the problem he had with the Bush administration was not their pro-life postion or their definition of traditional marriage. What bothered him was their ability to grab centrists and polarize them, sorta force them choose one side or the other. Well, that might explain why I am acting this way.

Of course, this talent is not exclusive to the Republicans. Michael Moore did his best to polarize people as well with is infamous "Farenheit 9/11". So i guess there was a lot of this going around recently. And to top it all off, not only do I have a plausible explanation for my actions, I even have name for it, thanks to gokingsgo.

i think you're suffering from post traumatic election syndrome.

That would be PTES to you and me. Thanks dude. A professional diagnosis from an amatuer basketball player. No, wait, that a amatuer diagnosis from a professional basketball player.

Oh well, whatever....

40,000th Headwoman

Last week I reached my 40,000th hit. And that person lucky person would be--tadah!--SleepingCutie, that popular C³ (Canadian Corean Chica), the heartthrob of many a young boy. Although, currently she seems to be burdened with the role of housekeeper/mommy all in the name of beng an over-achieving elder sister. Gee, I wish you were my elder sister. But then you'd have to be 50 years old, and I'm sure you would not like that, althought you'd be a pretty hot for a 50 year-old... Anyway, 40,000 hits is kinda amazing when I think about it. That's a lot of people. I didn't know I was that interesting. Thanks to all of you for being such loyal readers, inspite of my PMS... I mean PTES.

Best at being smart and not rubbing it in or Most intelligent xangan

While I'm not sure this description would really fit me, this is the category I was nominated for at neuroticfitchmom. Voting has not started, and neuroticfitchmom will winnow the nominationsto a more manageable size. The other sites nominated are pretty familiar and popular sites--most of these sites get 50 to 60 comments a day!--so I know I have no chance of winning. But it's nice to know that someone thinks highly enough of me to nominate me. So whoever you are, thanks. I am unworthy. m(_v_)m


Apparently, voting has started.

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