Wednesday, October 06, 2004

I'm Sick


he Vice-Presidential debates were eye-opening. All the pundits said that Vice President Dick Cheney more or less steam rollered Democratci nominee John Edwards. And I have to admit, it sure looked that way. Cheney, as usual, looked serious. He was--as he often is--articulate. And there is no doubt that he is a bright, if not brilliant man. But I already knew this before the debate. What struck me was how inexperienced in debates, John Edwards seemed to be. I had heard he was an experienced trial lawyer and he would give Cheney a run for his money. But he didn't. Cheney probably asked for a refund later.

So in tone, and style, Dick Cheney won the debate. Not even close, I think. However, there were two things that stuck out to me rather clearly.

But I will talk about this later. I am sick. I have a rather nasty cough. I had to cut one of my classes short yesterday when my cough became uncontrollable... Well, I cut it short by only 5 minutes... Anyway, I will go to school today, since I only have one class--maybe wear my mask!--and have the students discuss among themselves and report their impressions of Kagero nikki, the Gossamer Journal.

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