Wednesday, September 08, 2004

When is an Onigiri a Musubi?


n response to Saturday's post, let me assure you that the rumors of my coma have been greatly exaggerated. I am most certainly NOT comatose. After the loss of my beloved Bruins, I am a bit hungover, but far from dead. Do not pull the plug on me!

I didn't mean to scare anyone--you guys know me, I always have my tongue firmly planted in my cheek. I just like to have a little fun, you know. Still, many of the comments were amusing.

mmh: for a while...i thought something happened...... -_-

whonose: For a second there. I was actually worried! Sheesh! Ah well I guess we wont be hearing from the Onigiriman for a while then...

PerfectSanjuro: Haha, I was worried there for a moment!

gyjcwang: wow...for a minute there I actually thought you went into a coma...heheh... What is a pet rock?

Hahahahah. Sorry guys, I just have to laugh. I hope I didn't scare any of you. Honestly. But I feel so loved from all your concern. hehehheheheh. Oh yeah, don't any of you guys know what a Pet Rock is? It was a gimmick gift, sorta like the bust with grass growing for hair. The Pet Rock was the perfect pet. It was very low maintenance. You could go on vacation and not worry about it. You don't have to feed it or bath it. You could kick it around and you would never hurt its feelings. Click on the photo to read more--not that you would want to, I suppose....

As many of you know, Musubichan is Japanese, but she has been studying her English very hard these past few years. But still...

Link_Strife: whoa, a third person perspective of the Riceball man. This is pretty awesome. You type just like him too, except your talking about him in the third person which he wouldn't do, but other than that you type just like him.

onigiri: for a minute there, i thought your wife actually went on your xanga account and typed this. well... to this very moment, half of me believes taht she did while the other half is wondering how i turned out to be such a gullible idiot.

gokingsgo: wow, hijacked xanga account!

iiSoNySoUnDii: I'm curious on who actually wrote this entry...was it really Onigiriman-san? And wow. At first I was worried that something terrible happened (i.e. heart attack). Thanks God. =D

Okay, let me set the record straight: I wrote the entry. Duh... But y'know, these comments are interesting. I didn't really think I had a "style" but if Linkstrife's comment is any indication, I must write in a way that is distinctive. Which of course doesn't meant that it's good; it's just recognizably different... which is a good thing, but that does not necessarily mean I'm a good writer, just differnt, but... I feel like I'm going in circles...

Which is just another bad habit I have, like watching football...

Eechim: lol, great post! pls give us more insight to the Ricemans bad habits.. *evil grin*

LittleREDSunbeam: Ahahahahahahahaha, awesome! Football sucks, basketball is way better. You should give him his least favorite food that isn't so expensive, just to see if he'd eat it. Muahahahahahahaha! I love this post.

jerjonji: fall brings out all kinds of odd behavior and football seems to bring out the oddest of all... my suggestion: clean around the pet rock, change the batteries in the remote frequently, feed him sausage and beer regularly and he'll recover around... thanksgivng day maybe? and you'll still be happily married...

Great, let's not everyone gang up on me, alright? Sheesh! Will someone give me a break?

cgran: Yay Football! (breaks into song) "Its the most wonderful time... of the year..." ;P

Finally, a man of like mind...

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