Wednesday, September 01, 2004

New Academic Year


here does the time go? I cannot believe that it is already time for the Fall semester. I wasn't able to accomplish an iota of what I needed to do. Whew! I don't want to sound like I'm whining, and I certainly don't want anyone to feel sorry for me--we all have our problems, and when you get older, they get bigger and more complex. It's sorta like the nature of things...

But still, the accumulation of "issues" has been rather heavy. In May, it was the stepson who suddenly needed help. Then when M went to Japan to check on him, we realized he needed a lot of it, so we tried to take care of it. When she returned at the end of June with son in tow, she gets stopped by INS because of an expired green card. Trying to deal with the INS was starting to get stressful enough when my father died at the end of July. Alright, I feel a stroke coming on when we go to court for M's green card problem in the middle of August and the judge tells us that we are lucky, because all we have to do is go through the application process... from scratch. Yeah, real lucky. I wonder what September will bring? *sigh*

But I would like to thank Taku for the gifts. I think I listend to Friends about 18 times today. It is the simple pleasures--such as you Xanga friends--that keep me believing that all is not lost. I also enjoyed Ima dakara as well, although I'm not sure what's wrong. It plays well enough on Real Player and Winamp, but for what ever reason Windows Media Player won't "recognize" it. Can anybody tell me what the issue might be? Anyway, thanks for your thoughtfulness, and to the others who have also offered. You can be sure that I will be in touch!

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