Monday, June 14, 2004

You're on the Air X


ave you been watching the NBA Finals? Where the heck are the Lakers? I know the team they sent to Detroit is not them. I know that Karl Malone is injured, but where is everyone else? I think Kobe has to go back to Colorado for another hearing. He seems to perform well when he goes there. And where the heck is Gary Payton? Cuz if he's the guy who's on the court, then the Lakers seriously overpaid that Seattle reject. I was screaming at the boob tube, when M asked me if I could do better. Of course not, I shot back. But Jerry Buss doesn't pay me 4.5 mil either. Anyway, let's get back to some other callers. You're on the air.

Mooning and living in Japan

Andine: The early picture of O-man's lips reminds me of a woman's lips. The newer version is so much better and it is cute.

O-man: Thanks. I like both, but the newer version is cuter. But it's been a year since I've put it up online.

Andine: It is scary how time flies~ I have no question in mind yet. Later. Have a beautiful day :D

O-man: Oh okay, You have a nice day, too. What a sweet person. Anyway, you'r on the air. What's your question?

No1watching: Ever moon anyone in a moving car?

O-man: Hahahaha. Uh, yeah. Hasn't everyone done it? At least once? Heheheh. Just kidding. But I did it once, accidently, on the way back from the beach. The band's singer, Voz, and I used to go to the beach a lot, at least 3-4 times a week in the summer of 1973. For some reason, the song "So Very Hard to Go" by Tower of Power really sticks in my memory. We would listen to it on the radio as we sunned ourselves all afternoon on Hermosa Beach. At the time, I worked part time at the sweet shop and usually had to leave the beach by 3 PM to get home and shower before I went.

But once, we were having a grand old time and I lost track of time. It was 4 PM and I had to get to work by 5. Well, there was no time to shower, so I asked Voz to take me straight to work instead of taking me home. As we were heading down Artesia Blvd, I had the great idea of changing clothes in the car. I started to change in the front seat of Voz's Volkswagon, but is was too cramped, so I crawled into the back seat. Voz of course is laughing, daring me to moon somebody, since I was taking off my trunks anyway. Ah, fuck you, I said, but I daringly raised my ass toward the window in jest. At which point Voz swerved his Bug a little, I lost my balance and my butt pressed against the small but hot backseat window.

Goddamnit, Voz! I yelled. I regained my balance and sat back down, pulling my pants on when I looked outside. Whew! I didn't see anyone close enough to have noticed, but Voz assures me that there was a middled-aged lady with her mouth open who swerved into a parking lot just as she saw my ass.

"Eh, you're full of shit," I said.

"No, really. She looked really freaked out," he insisted. "It musta been that hairy ass of yours."

O-man: Why am I telling this story? You're on the air.

Link_Strife: HAHA! That was funny. So was the Jalepeno incident, it was hilarious! That must've sucked. I dont' think I'll cook, ever.

O-man: It did suck! And all M could do was laugh! Ugh. Always wear gloves... *click* Hi, you're on the air.

EndlesSkye: I love the early o-man. i think the recent version is just adorable...

O-man: Thanks. You got a question?

EndlesSkye: Well, a question... Do you think living in japan, [being born there], would have changed your life/character in anyway, or what do you think you could have gain/loss by living here ack...this is hard.

O-man: Hahaha, you think asking a question is hard, try answering them. Anyway, your question is related to some of the answers/responses I've given already. I believe that we are the sum total of all are experiences and living in another/different culture simply broadens our view. I was born in LA but have spent a significant number of years of my adult life in Japan. As a result, I have seen the good and bad of both countires. It is always good to look at one's own culture--for most of us, that would be the US--through the eyes of a foreigner. It can be very enlightening, in that they don't take anything for granted. Conversely, i have learned a lot more about Japan living there than just reading about it or seeing it in movies or TV. Of course, I'm not sure how much anyone could learn about contemporary culture by watching Zatoichi, the blind swordsman. Oh, I''m talking about Katsu Shintaro's version, not the new one by Beat Takeshi. He doesn't even register on my radar screen... Anyway, you're on the air.

gokingsgo: Question to everyone: Where were you on June 15, 2003?

O-man: Hey, Vlade! What's up man. That's a very interesting question. Thanks!

Okay everyone: Where were you on June 15, 2003?

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