Wednesday, June 09, 2004

You're on the Air V


oday is a busy day. M left the car headlights on over the weekend, but it wasn't until yesterday that we learned that the battery was DEAD, so I finally got it fixed. But it took time going to the shop and waiting and all this while I'm grading midterms. This, of course, means little to no Internet, and I haven't had the opportunity to visit a lot of your sites, so I apologize. But I will get there eventually as I hope most of you know. Anway, SweetLilV's question is gonna have to wait a bit as well... sorry... But let me take a few short calls. Your on the air.

Hi Y'all

Whonose: Why is it the emotionless Vulcans that end up being the sexiest. By all accounts they simply drip orgasm and yet they are not allowed to express it. Cruel I tell you!

O-man: Indeed, T'pol (Enterprise, Jolene Blalock) has those pouting lips that kinda drive me crazy. But I'm not really sure if all Vulcans are sexy. There is no way that Mr. Spock would get me excited. So you gotta question?

whonose: When you meet a white person do you assume they know hardly anything about Asian culture?

O-man: No. And the reason is simple. There are many Asians born in America--and in other countries, of course--that know nothing of Asian culture, as well. So you don't have to be white to not know Asian cultures. Conversely, I have met many non-Asians born in Japan or China who know as much if not more than me. In other words, ethnicity has nothing to do with it. It is all about exposure--whether real time or through books--don't you think? Anyway, good luck on that Mr. Xanga thing... Hi, your on the air...

Cboy918: One year anniversary? Congratulations!

O-man: Thanks, man.

Cboy918: Your entry reminds me of how time flies. I need to learn to be more productive with my time and not waste my youthful days.

O-man: Naw, if your blog is anyindicaiton, I think you're doing fine. Geez, I often think that maybe I should have been more aware of my physical health and participated in sports like swimming, like you're doing. So, yeah, I think you're doing fine, dude.

Cboy918: Once again, congrats!

O-man: Alrighty. Hi, you're on the air.

takunishi79: I like the old-days onigiriman look! a sort of retro, impressionist... wtf am I saying?!

Oman: htf would I know? Hahahha, just kidding. Yeah, the old Onigiriman is kinda retro, isn't he. Maybe I'll use him as my profile pic.

takunishi79: So does it seem odd to you, that i actually use my own name for this? *hehe*

Oman: No, not really. People use Xanga for different reasons. I suppose you use yours just to speak out and perhaps meet people. But I guess, you could have used a pseudonym to protect yourself if you wanted...

takunishi79: I'm just not creative like that... never thought twice about creating another "me". requires too much creativity power.

Oman: Well, I know you design websites and that takes a lot of creativity, if you ask me. So I think you are being a bit too modest. Give yourself some credit. If you really wanted to, I 'm sure you would have come up with a good name.

takunishi79: Let my thoughts and creativities run wild and I'll come up with a jacked up name that I'll like at the moment and wonder why I created it the next day. ^_^

Oman: Hahahaha. Well, that's true of a lot of things for all of us. Don't be so hard on yourself...

Peace dudes and dudettes.

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