Friday, May 28, 2004

June topic

Change of topic please,
Poems make me think a lot,
Spare my brain sensei.

by ekin

Interesting poem. If nothing else, it made me laugh... Okay here's the next topic... But remember the rules of composition. Read my comments for the May's submisions. For a refresher on the basics, read this. Rule of thumb. Maintain the syllable count, try to draw a picture that is evocative through text, and reflect a moving or insightful aspect of the topic, preferably in a comical way. All submissions should be in English, and should reflect the topic. Poems that do not follow these guidelines will not be considered.

This month's topic: graduation

Using the topic word in the poem is the usual practice, but if you can convey the topic without it, that is fine as well, but be sure it is clear. Don't expect the reader--me--to interpolate your topic. For example, with this months topic, words such as "diploma" or "pomp and circumstance" would suggest a graduation, but "taking photos" or "sittin in an auditorium" would not necessarily suggest a graduation and would fail to address the topic.

One poem per person--your first submission--so you may want to take your time and think about a good one before submitting, but it is up to you. Please submit your poem to this entry.


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Empty Praise

I will respond tomorrow to some of the various comments made to yesterday's post. I think dialog is a good thing, don't you?

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