Thursday, April 08, 2004

Doing Nothing

Nefarious_hatter quipped a phrase and defined it perfectly: Doing nothing, a phrase in which the second word negates the first. Indeed, the perfect oxymoron to define what I feel my life has been from time to time: Seemingly active, but ultimately nothing to show for it... Well, maybe the last few years have been spent well. I have had the pleasure of meeting young people in my role as teacher, instructor, mentor (to some), supporter (emotional and academic, but not athletic), and friend (to most). One former student invited me to the school Luau last weekend: she's the one on the right in the photo. And in case you're wondering, I got permission first... She's also a Xangan that some of you may know; she comments here periodically...

But I feel kinda frazzled, right now. I work hard, often and diligently, and so the thought of doing nothing sounds very appealing to me at the moment. With summer fast approaching, I imagine warm days spent sitting outside with a cold brew in one hand and a novel I've been wanting to read in the other. Maybe The Hobbit or Memoirs of a Geisha--finally. Maybe a review of the newest translation of The Tales of Genji. Who knows? But it would be nice to have some time doing nothing. *sigh*

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