Wednesday, April 28, 2004

50,000 hits

Kudos to SleepingCutie for her 50,000the hit. Back in December or January, we were around the same hit number, but I guess she's got that extra "something" that attracts a kazillion readers. She is honest--almost to a fault--and revealing... no, you perverts, not that way... um, wait, actually sometimes that way... But all in a acceptably wholesome way... Anyway, if you got the time, drop by and give her a pat on the back...


Many of the peole who come here are students. And for those of you on a semester system, it is probably time to study for finals... I'm sure many of you are grinding it out, stressing over exams or papers. Just to make you feel a bit better--just a little, I hope--we teachers dread Finals just as much as you do. If you had an image of teachers humming away, sinisterly devising exceptionally difficult exams, then forget it... at least for me. I want to ensure that my students have actually learned something in my class, so instead of having one midterm and one final, I usually have students studying throughout the semester--hence the weekly quizzes and/or papers. As I think about it, the film class consists of weekly quizzes and weekly papers (short 1-2 pages), meaning that its pretty time consuming. But this allows me to justify a relatively easy final--although one student told me the other day that the take home for Readings in Modern Japanese was long... Well, it IS advanced Japanese... and it IS a take home... The point is that I design final exams in a way that will be relatively easy to grade. But, for the record, I have 48 finals for the film course, 16 finals for Readings, 8 finals for Bungo (Literary Japanese) and three senior theses--not that I expect any sympathy from you guys.

IN any event, I too am stressing out with you guys.

So tell me, are any of you guys simply chilling? Have you studied all semester long so that finals are a piece (pieces?) of cake? Or are you on the quarter system and don't worry about finals for awhile? Or have you left academia behind, never to touch again?

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