Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Brief response:

Purin_kun: well, this is a very different arguement than you put forth talking about the IA school's optional thesis policy.
Not really. The thesis is supposed to be the culmination of your studies/major and as such the crowning achievement of your education. However, in a class most take for a general requirement, they should reap the benefits of learning a new culture. Like Japanese--as you well know--you retain more by studying a little at a time, than all at once for one single exam, don't you think so? But enough of my class...

Lost in Translation
I finally bought the DVD. I had to go to five different stores to find it. Tower (DC)... Blockbuster (Oakton)... Borders... Barnes and Noble... Tower (Fairfax). At the last Tower, the sales girl told me she sold the last 2 in the hour before I arrived! This thing is freakin' popular! Anyway, I had given up and went grocery shopping with Musubi-chan--the local Super H Korean super-supermarket (superlative intentional). But next to Super H was another Blockbuster...

"Hmmm, you think?" I glanced at Musubi-chan, who just shrugged her shoulder.

Well, on the shelf was the last copy for sale, just waiting for me. It was a couple of bucks more than Tower or Borders, but I had to have it NOW! Y'know what I mean?

Anyway, this is a question that SammyStorm asked, but I was wondering what some of you might have thought. At the end of Lost in Translation, Bob Harris (Murray) whispers something to Charlotte (Johanssen) as he says his goodbyes to her. Musubi-chan and I are at odds. She thinks that Bob is reassuring her that they will meet again in the US. I say they don't. She looked to sad, for one thing, even though Musubi-chan thinks she looked happy--Did we watch the same scene? I think that Bob is telling her that he will always treasure their time in Tokyo--for it was precisely because they were lost in Tokyo that they were able to connect. Had they met in the US, they never would have hooked up. As such, Bob tells her to have a wonderful life and goodbye... I think. A bit melancholy I suppose, but appropriate.

What do you think Bob said?

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