Monday, January 12, 2004

Response to yesterday's film list...

I didn't want to spend too much time on Xanga today--chool has started y'know--but I couldn't resist responding to some of them. Normally I will go to the individual sites with responses but since they are all movie related, I thought I'd share their thoughts and my responses with everyone.

Zettonv--what no movies that completely satisfied you? when i was part of a muay thai class we trained out in the woods and our instructor told us about the mothman, i got scared
No, there are rarely movies that totally satisfy me--photography (Mis en sen), story (plot), music, etc. But Last Samurai came pretty close--If they had two scenes that portrayed the typical samurai as a bureaucrat, it would have been pretty perfect. I think the last movie that truly satisfied me is Pulp Fiction. And yeah, the early scenes of the mothman were pretty eerie and scared me.

SammyStorm--Wow, you probably saw more movies than I did over break, and I saw a lot too! I think the person in the theater was trying to compare the trailer for the "Butterfly Effect," with Mothman Prophesies - but they are nothing alike.
Out of all the Blockbuster ones you listed, I think X-Men 2 was the best. Although Better Luck Tomorrow was also good for different reasons.
Yeah, I think it was the Butterfly Effect--don't get any perverted ideas, ladies... Anyway, likeyou said, the guy behind me didn't know what he was talking about. X-2 was pretty good, but A Clockwork Orange was the best, especially given the time in which it was made (1971). It was an anti-violence, anti-war, anti-govt. flick during the Vietnam War and just before Watergate, so it was pretty influential and eye-opening. And Better Luck Tomorrow, I think, strikes a chord in most of us Asian Americans who are often confronted with issues in our very Non-Asian society.

iisonysoundii--My favorite one up there is Clockwork Orange, Stanley Kubrick's best film, in my opinion... Suicide Club was eerie...but I liked it. But have you seen Ichi The Killer? Now that's eerie.
I agree with you that A Clockwork Orange is ONE of Kubrick's best. Better than 2001: A Space Odyssey, certainly better than The Shining (that sucked) or Sparticus, but I have to rate Dr. Strangelove and Lolita right there next to it. Had Full Metal Jacket come out in the 70s it would have had a greater impact, I think... I was going to see Ichi the Killer, too but my wife hates gory flicks so I decided to see it later.

Sato--sorry to burst your bubble... but Wolverines power was not the adimantium skeleton, but his ability to heal at incredible rates... Anyways... I recommend a couple of Japanese movies... Audition, Suicide Circle, Yomigaeri, and Kuroi Tenshi. Really really good movies.. I don't know about Suicide Circle though... it was kinda creepy... and you have to really pay attention to the movie to understand the hidden message that they are showing... Suicide Circle is different from Suicide Club... that was a good movie also..
Okay, you Marvel expert... It's been a long time since I actually read the comics, and I was more an Averngers guy than an X-Men reader, so I won't argue with you. However, I am curious about the difference between Suicide Club and Suicide Circle. The English title in the US is Suicide Club--since they don't use the word Circle as they do in Japan. But on the DVD jacket and the intro screen to the movie, it says Suicide Circle in katakana, so I presumed it was the same movie. Is there anyone out there who can confirm any of this? Is Suicide Circle and Suicide Club the same movie or are there two different movies with virtually the same title? Any help would be appreciated.

Bane_Vixen--hmm, suicide club. is that the one where a bunch of japanese girls commit suicide by jumping in front of a speeding train (or was it truck)? interesting. my friend was telling me about it. i want to see that one.
Yeah, that's the one, but be sure to rent the correct one. See SATO's comment above.

Enigma81--You guys are wusses, we never have snow days here in Illinois. :P Also, I hated The Man in the Iron Mask almost as much as I hate The Count of Monte Cristo. They ruined the novels. And, A Clockwork Orange was okay, but once again, I prefer the novel, especially the English publication (21 chapters) as opposed to the first American publication (20 chapters). You get a better feel for the twisted language of the young thugs when you read it.
Okay, I admit it, I'm a wuss... I also agree that books are virtually always better than the movie, BUT to apply the same criteria on a movie as you would a book might be unfair, unless you want a long ass 5 hour movie to ensure the integrity of the book. That just isn't possible. I think the director has to somehow convey the book in an abbreviated form without compromizing its gist/thrust. Some are successful--The Exorcist, The Shawshank Redemption--others are total flops--The Shining. As for The Man in the Iron Mask and the Count of Monte Cristo, I was refering to the TV movies., and for TV movies they were enjoyable (for me) adaptations of the originals, but as you know--dear English major--nothing replaces the original. And when did you see them? They came out in the mid 1970s! Okay, fess up, how old are you REALLY? Hahahah J/K!

Consummate_Leah--Dude, please consider xangaing more and watching movies less.
Sorry, but I think I'm gonna hafta cut back on BOTH. I love watching movies, but I will be teaching a J-film class this semeser--as I do every spring--and I give out tons of work, which means tons of grading. (メ_・

Hamamoto--i'm curious to read your review on warm water under red bridge.
Yes, this was a weird one on the topic of a woman who blows water as a whale blows water (shio fuki), except she uses a different part of her anatomy. This is a legend in Japan, that there are women who actually accomplish this... And I actually knew one... If I had the guts that Paiky has, I'd talk about it here, but like Enigma said...

tanjf--yo dude, you sure got waaaay a lotta spare time in your hands. how long is your break? a year? haha!!! anyway, you better get ready to work man... too much holiday can cause your body to become rusty.
I'm already rusty.....

Barberic_bojo--wow, you watched alot of movies this break.. ive seen most of those.. wasnt a clockwork Orange wierd?>? man.. anyway.. ill have to check out some of the ones i didnt see.. Dragon Fly.. etc..
Yeah, A Clockwork Orange was weird, but still good. Don't go rushing ot Blockbuster to see Dragonfly. It was good, but not THAT good.

honey77--thats a weird sketch in your profile pic... wondering if they disfigured your face or not...
No, my face is already disfigured! Maybe I should relate my reasons for my handle, Onigiriman... You'll get to see HOW disfigured I am!

Ca1boy--Wow, I think you watched more movies over the break than I've watched this whole past year... :P As for X-Men series, don't expect it to be too true to the comic. As with the cartoon series, I expect the movie series to place its own spin on things. I just don't see how long they can maintain the same cast.
Like I said to SATO and Enigma above, I'm more af an Avengers guy--I should add that this was like 30 years ago when I read the comics religiously--the original, be it book or comic, is always the best. But screen adaptations can be enjoyable, as well.

PaikyPoo--ok, your movie criteria is whack... *1/2 for man in the iron mask? come one now!
Just for the record, I admit that I'm whacked, but I don't whack... at least not at this age; too few to spare, if y'know what I mean... And as I said, the ensemble was horrible! DiCaprio, Depardieu, Irons, Malkovich! I like these actors individually, even DiCaprio, but man! This group is way to diverse to convey even a hint that they are from the same society or culture or country!

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