Thursday, December 18, 2003

Grading homestretch...

Okay, I'm almost finished. Maybe I can see Last Samurai this weekend... FINALLY. Finished two classes, Bungo (classical Japanese) and Advanced. Yeah! All that's left is Lit (booooooo!). I think I made Bungo too easy. I should have made it hard like Mattblue's. If a student earned, say, a 79, and I give him a B, s/he'd jump for joy, right? Oh well, second semester is always harder anyway, since we really read ONLY classical stuff. None of this Meiji-fied bungo. This time its the real McCoy! And I'm focusing on poetry. I really need to incorporate my own research into the course, or else I will never get to do my own research in a timely--or even untimely--manner.

Anyway, to pat myself on the back for getting two thirds of the grading done, I'm gonna... ahem... get a drink at the local watering hole...

Man! There seems to be a selection of dump entries lately... from getting caught mid-dump, to not being able to dump at all... Hahahaha. They're all precious. As for Simply_Marie, I will get to your site soon. This grading is keeping me from scrutinzing your site, but not to worry, I will be there shortly.

And a fond farewell to Windward_skies. This strapping young Asian specimen will be going home to Hawaii, before he heads off to study in Japan for the Spring semester. If you read my site, click on his name and wish him a warm bon voyage, especially you ladies. He's such an ubu, you'll make him blush! Hahahaahah! (And I will check his site to see who's gone...)

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