Thursday, November 20, 2003

Starting tomorrow: Renblog--linked weblogs

Yes, you read that right, Renblog, an experiment to link blogs day to day much in the fashion of renga, or linked verse. Explanation forthcoming... Maybe tonight... or not...

Nemo and me
Haha. I post a photo of Nemo
and I get more responses than I normally get. I guess that means... uh... what does it mean? Oh well, I suppose that Nemo is cuter than me, especially when we rev him up and he cruises across the dining table. And he is certainly more orange than me. But I like Bloat. When I went to Tower to pick up the video, I bought two, one for my daughter, the other for my grandson. Both live in Japan. Anyway, when the cashier gave me Nemo, I reminded her that I had bought two videos. She smiled and gave me the baby squid Squirt that farts ink in the beginning of the movie. Being the finicky sort, I looked behind her into her box of Nemo goods and asked if I could have Bloat instead. She looked up at me and I pointed to my waistline.

"We're cousins." I said.

She just laughed and gave it to me.

Now as this recent photo of us swimming makes very clear--I'm on the left, bloat's on the right--we are not related. Really. There are certain features we share--such as the above mentioned waistline--but not much else. And yet, I still have this affinity for Bloat. Maybe its the beer. I do feel bloated these days... *sorry... I just had to say it...*

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